Migrate from Koken

Migrate from Koken CMS to Yapawa

Koken is a PHP driven CMS for photographers.

Migrating your content from one CMS to another is never easy. That’s the reason there is a tool for it.

Koken To Yapawa


This tool will export all published albums using Koken’s API, including hierarchy and store the corresponding metadata in Yapawa’s tables.

All original images are downloaded into Yapawa’s S3 bucket.

Cover images are assigned accordingly.


The whole process is serverless. The stack is orchestrated with serverless.com and makes use of:

Setup and Usage

Refer to the project’s Readme


  • Only public albums and public images are transferred.
  • EXIF data stored outside the image aren’t copied. Only EXIf data available in the original image will be used.
  • Custom focus point of single images aren’t copied.
  • Text content from Koken isn’t copied.

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